Top Google Result for "Edward Hopper" an AI-Generated Fake

AI is already rewriting art history. When you Googled the famed realist artist Edward Hopper this week, the first featured image that appeared was convincing enough. A lone woman, painted in the artist’s signature soft, muted style, stared out a window, sporting a red dress and hair tucked into a bun. Hopper created a number of similar paintings throughout his career; casual viewers, and even some not-so-casual ones, probably wouldn’t think twice. But they’d be deeply misled. Though it was certainly created in the style of the American great, the painting in question isn’t a real Hopper. It’s an AI-generated knockoff of the real artist’s work — and in what feels like an unsettling turn for the internet’s fraught information ecosystem, the fake somehow made it to the top of Google’s search results. “If you don’t think visual AI is a problem,” tweeted UK-based illustrator Penny Neville-Lee, who first caught the AI fake, “this is what comes up when you Google Edward Hopper.” If you don't think visual AI is a problem, this is what comes up when you @Google Edward Hopper. — Penny Neville-Lee (@PennyNevilleLee) May 3, 2023 The fact that the image was AI-generated became clear pretty quickly. For one thing, the woman’s forearm and hand — a detail with which AI has long struggled — look downright bizarre. And the website that the image is featured on — a digital art-sharing platform called Creative Fabrica which, in what appears to be a more recent addition to the site,…Top Google Result for "Edward Hopper" an AI-Generated Fake

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