Trump Shares AI Voice-Cloned Fake Video of Anderson Cooper

Cooper 180 Former President Donald Trump is once again making it quite clear that in the run-up to the 2024 election, he won’t be shying away from synthetic content. In the wake of his controversial CNN town hall appearance last Wednesday night, Trump took to his social media platform Truth Social on Friday morning to share yet another piece of AI-generated material: a foul-mouthed, voice-cloned video featuring longtime CNN anchor Anderson Cooper explaining that Trump, in no uncertain terms, had succeeded in his town hall appearance. “That was President Donald J. Trump ripping us a new asshole here on CNN’s live presidential town hall,” said the fake Cooper. “Thank you for watching, have a good night.” Of course, the bespectacled Cooper absolutely never said that. But while the video in question isn’t exactly convincing — the AI-generated audio in the Trump-posted clip doesn’t match Cooper’s mouth — it’s yet another reminder that AI may well play a big role in the upcoming election cycle, and jury’s still out on whether we’re ready to deal with that or not. “We’re not prepared for this,” AJ Nash, vice president of intelligence at the cybersecurity firm ZeroFox, told PBS. “To me, the big leap forward is the audio and video capabilities that have emerged.” “When you can do that on a large scale, and distribute it on social platforms,” he added, “well, it’s going to have a major impact.” Wild Times Ahead As other experts noted to PBS, the risks that generative AI systems…Trump Shares AI Voice-Cloned Fake Video of Anderson Cooper

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