Two new Pixel tablet accessories are still in the pipeline

The Pixel Tablet announcement came at the Google I/O in 2022, alongside the Google Pixel 7 Series release. After a year of numerous teases, the company finally unveiled the Google Pixel Tablet at its 2023 I/O Developer Conference.  Google kept fans waiting for quite a while, but renowned tipster Kamila Wojciechowska claims this delay wasn’t intentional. Instead, Google reportedly encountered several development challenges, causing the company to postpone the new product launch. And according to Wojciechowska, we still don’t have the full picture. We still don’t know a lot about these accessories Google is still making official accessories for the Pixel Tablet, like a stylus and a keyboard. We don’t know how they look yet, and we’re not sure if Google will finish making them before the tablet comes out on June 20. Image: Google Wojciechowska claims the products are currently in the development phase. However, there’s no further news regarding delays.  Buyers have other options, thankfully The Pixel Tablet has USI 2.0 certification and works with Bluetooth. This means you can get keyboards and styluses from other brands that follow the USI 2.0 standard. But, strangely, Google is taking a long time to make their official Pixel Tablet Stylus and Keyboard when the technology already exists. That said, even if Google doesn’t finish making its stylus and keyboard on time, fans won’t be upset because other accessories are available for the Pixel Tablet. Google has already announced an official case with a metal ring stand and a charging dock…Two new Pixel tablet accessories are still in the pipeline

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