Uber unveils new US tools to weed out refund scammers

Uber is cracking down on the dark side of food delivery: the refund bandits. It’s a tale as old as time—or at least as old as app-based food delivery—where some Uber Eats customers have been treating the refund policy like an all-you-can-eat buffet, but without paying the bill. Uber HQ has had enough of these culinary con artists. They’re whipping up a new recipe for fairness, sprinkling in some policies to protect their drivers and delivery folks from these dine-and-dash desperados. The company is adding a new menu for drivers in the Uber app, an in-app “Review Center,” where drivers can see what’s gone sour in their ratings. The review center lets them challenge any undeserved deactivation, especially those spiced up with false complaints from customers looking to nab a free meal. But Uber isn’t just tossing out accusations like hot potatoes. They’re partnering with LabCorp, giving drivers a chance to prove their sobriety with a drug test faster than you can microwave leftovers. It’s Uber’s way of saying, “We trust you more than a rider’s half-baked story.” Image: KnowTechie It looks like the social media circuit has its engines revving over Uber’s latest policy shift. Drivers are taking to forums and threads to vent out their exhaust and share their road stories. Here’s the buzz from the digital streets: On the r/uberdrivers subreddit, a driver shared her frustration after being deactivated for reporting riders’ inappropriate behavior. It sparked a conversation about the imbalance in Uber’s response to rider complaints, with many…Uber unveils new US tools to weed out refund scammers

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