“VC” Sunil Paul’s New Startup Doesn’t Understand Contracts

“Only after the contract was fully executed did Spring Free EV’s representative Visrin Vichit-Vadakan, demand I sign an adhesion contract on behalf of Push ROI. The new adhesion contract overwrote some terms of the already executed agreement. Visrin Vichit-Vadakan informed me that Spring Free EV would terminate that executed agreement if I didn’t sign this never-before-mentioned document on behalf of my firm. Spring Free EV had no contractual means of ending that agreement with Push ROI for this reason.

In plain terms (apart from bankruptcy provisions), the agreement was uncancellable for a four-month engagement with a minimum fee of $22,000 due to Push ROI. The fact that the agreement couldn’t be terminated for convenience during the initial period had been explicitly clarified during the negotiation. And as it’s a generally bad practice to allow one party to edit the contract on demand, I refused to sign the new document.

True to only this one aspect of their word Spring Free EV refused to honor the contract they entered into with Push ROI. They also refused to pay out the balance of the agreement they signed after breaching and further rejected the reasonable attempts at negotiation Push ROI’s lawyers made in January of 2022.”

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