Verizon offer gets you a free iPhone 14 Plus; no trade-in req’d

We got some juicy news for you – it’s time to ditch that ancient iPhone you’ve been clinging to like a security blanket and embrace the future. Yes, my friends, the future is here, and it’s called the iPhone 14 Plus. And guess what? Verizon is practically giving it away. That’s right, folks! For a limited time, you can snag an iPhone 14 Plus for the low, low price of…wait for it…FREE! Free iPhone 14 Plus. No Trade In Req'd. Ends 5/9. 4.5 FREE $899.99 Exclusive online deal alert! Save $899.99 when opening a new line and choosing a 5G Unlimited plan. The offer ends Tuesday, so act fast! Click below for more details and snag this amazing deal. What We Like: It’s free.It’s free, seriously.Uhh, it’s free iPhone 14 PlusCmon, why are you still reading, IT’S FREE! Check Availability No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, and no, we haven’t lost our marbles. Verizon is just feeling extra generous, like a tech-savvy Santa Claus in May. All you have to do is either add a new line or upgrade your existing one, and voilà! That shiny new iPhone 14 Plus is all yours. Better yet, there’s no catch either. It’s right there like we laid it out: No trade-in required. That’s right; you can keep your old phone as a memento of simpler times or use it as a coaster for your morning coffee. .stk-3b33ac9{background-color:#e9bfed !important;box-shadow:0 5px 30px -10px rgba(18,63,82,0.3) !important}.stk-3b33ac9:before{background-image:linear-gradient(90deg,#e9bfed 0%,#ffffff 100%) !important}.stk-3b33ac9-container{box-shadow:none !important}.stk-3b33ac9 .stk-block-card__content{min-height:0px !important;padding-top:0px !important;padding-right:6px !important;padding-bottom:0px !important;padding-left:6px…Verizon offer gets you a free iPhone 14 Plus; no trade-in req’d

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