Vibrators 101: The what, how, and why of vibrating female sex toys

KnowTechie is supported by its audience, so if you buy something through our links, we may get a small share of the sale Ladies, are you having a stressful afternoon and have no access to a partner? We both know what the best relief for that situation is. But even self-pleasure can feel like a chore if a girl only has her digits to use. Luckily, the sex toy market for women is so vast that by 2024 it will have grown by $8 billion globally. Allow me to reiterate: between the start of the pandemic and 2024, globally, there will be a market growth of at least $8 billion for female sex toys alone. So, calling them popular would definitely be an understatement. Now, modern women have a lot of choices when it comes to sex toys (evidently so many that they’re raking in billions of dollars). So, to help any of my fellow girls on the prowl out there, I’ve decided to focus on one popular subsection, i.e., the vibrators. So, what exactly are vibrators, how do the ladies use them, and why would they even want to? Well, I’ll strive to answer all of that and plenty more.  Brief vibrator classification Image: Pexels For any newbies out there, here’s a quick lesson. A vibrator is a narrow, rod-like masturbation device that stimulates us through vibrations. It’s sometimes confused for a dildo, but there are a few key differences: Dildos, for the most part, do not vibrate Vibrators look…Vibrators 101: The what, how, and why of vibrating female sex toys

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