Video Brutally Takes Down the AI Hype Wave

Over the weekend, comedian and YouTuber Adam Conover took to YouTube to publish a scathing 25-minute-long video essay addressing the ongoing AI gold rush. And honestly? It goes pretty hard. “Tech companies are suddenly promising to use AI to revolutionize everything from computer programming to customer service to therapy,” Conover said in the video. “Yeah, that’s right. In a couple years, your insurance company’s AI billing department will deny your claim to see your health plan’s AI therapist.” It’s a bone-chilling thought, but not exactly a far-fetched one, either. There’s a wild amount of money being thrown into the AI pot, and industries ranging from insurance to therapy are hurrying to integrate the tech into everything they possibly can, from widgets to workflows. And buzz, of course, begets buzz — especially when those pushing the tech aren’t just promising that it’ll change the world, but that it could possibly destroy it, too. “All of this,” Conover said, referring to this frenzied and sometimes fear-inducing hype, “has gotten people worried that a super-intelligent AI is right around the corner, that the robots are gonna take over.” “Well, guess what? It’s all bullshit,” he added. “That fear is a tech bro fantasy, designed to distract you from the real risk of AI: that a bunch of dumb companies are lying about what their broken tech can do so they can trick you into using a worse version of things we already have, all while stealing the work of real people to do it.” Conover…Video Brutally Takes Down the AI Hype Wave

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