Video Production Has Changed, Let’s Record With Our Phones

I started in video production during the DSLR revolution. In 2009 a lot of production companies were still pushing Sony XD cameras, and saying “little still cameras” were a gimmick. I remember the looks of shock when I used a Canon 60D and a $99 50mm lens as a second camera along with, a much more expensive, and far lower quality “pro” camera. By the time I was editing that video, the DSLR was the primary camera. And now about 10 years later, no one thinks it looks silly showing up to a video shoot with a DSLR. In 2010, when the iPhone 4 came out, it was the first commercially successful smartphone with a video camera and processor that was capable of doing much. No one would shoot a real video on an iPhone, certainly they wouldn’t edit on a phone… But, while it was a gimmick, some people did. “Apple of My Eye” was a short film, more of a camera test, directed by Michael Koerbel. It was shot entirely on the iPhone 4, and edited entirely with the iMovie App, all in 48 hours. The film is only 90 seconds or so, and honestly even if directed by Stanley Kubrick 90 seconds is not likely to change the movie industry forever. But the film was solid, and it also looked very good. Not just good for a phone. The 2012 Oscar-winning documentary Searching for Sugar Man shows a few scenes shot on an iPhone. This was out…Video Production Has Changed, Let’s Record With Our Phones

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