Vogue Just Used AI-Generated Imagery in a Nightmare Fuel Cover Shoot

AI-generated imagery has officially made its fashion magazine debut. Instead of tapping human artists to create fantastical photo shoot backdrops, Vogue Italia’s upcoming May issue will feature scenery that was generated by OpenAI’s viral AI image generator, DALL-E2, instead. And apart from the fact that some of the images themselves are nightmare fuel — why is there a face sticking out of fashion model Bella Hadid’s head? — we have some bones to pick with the magazine’s decision. In a press release, Vogue is marketing the creative process behind the images with “‘unreal’ backgrounds” as a “creative collaboration” between humans and machines. “Real shots on imaginary backgrounds created by the DALL-E Artificial Intelligence program,” reads the photo shoot’s accompanying article, as translated by Google. “A one-of-a-kind photo shoot and a real challenge: translating a creative’s vision into advice for the ‘machine.'” The creatives behind the shoot certainly seem to concur, arguing that working with AI is more complex than one might think. “Collaborating with AI is a bit like being a ‘curator,’ in charge of assisting the ‘machine’ in its creative process,” photographer Carlijn Jacobs, who created the images alongside stylist Imruh Asha and AI artist Chad Nelson, told Vogue. “In theory, today it is possible to make do without a set designer and ask a computer to produce the objects and set up the lights for a photo shoot. However, you have to consider investing a lot of time and energy to use the AI.” “The machine does not…Vogue Just Used AI-Generated Imagery in a Nightmare Fuel Cover Shoot

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