Voice Actors Furious at New Videogame Using AI-Generated Speech

A new game seems to have used artificial intelligence text-to-speech instead of human voiceover actors — and man, are the professionals ticked off. The use of AI speech in “The Finals,” a game show-esque first-person shooter created by Embark Studios that’s currently in its third and final open beta testing, was pointed out on Twitter by voiceover (VO) actor Gianni Matragrano, who posted a 99-second clip of gameplay that sounded awfully bad. “So I guess The Finals is going with AI voices…?” tweeted Matragrano, an accomplished voiceover pro who has worked on games ranging from Genshin Impact to Evil West. So I guess The Finals is going with AI voices…? pic.twitter.com/PIAbR43ZrT — Gianni Matragrano (@GetGianni) October 28, 2023 The actor proceeded to post a snippet of a July interview on Embark Studios’ “Meet the Makers podcast” in which “Finals” audio developers Carl Strandberg and Andreas Almström admitted that they’d used text-to-speech AI for a lot of the game’s voices. “We use AI with a few exceptions,” Almström said, “so all the [player] voices like the barks and voiceover commentators are AI text-to-speech.” Notably, most of the game’s non-word sounds, such as the grunts and action exclamations uttered by characters portrayed in exertion, were recorded in-house by real people, PC Gamer reports. “The reason that we go this route is that AI text-to-speech is finally extremely powerful,” the audio dev added. “It gets us far enough in terms of quality and allows us to be extremely reactive to new ideas and keep things…Voice Actors Furious at New Videogame Using AI-Generated Speech

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