We Apologize for Showing You This Sex Toy That Talks Dirty When It's Touched

Back Talk Prepare yourself for a wild sentence: a guy going by just the first name Bryan has invented an AI-powered sex toy that responds to having something being inserted into it — whether it’s a hand, genitals, or something else entirely — with “generative moaning.” As 404 Media reports, the bizarre device — horrifyingly dubbed the “Orifice” — went viral on social media, with a promotional video getting over 10 million views. A little eccentric? Sure, but let’s not kink-shame. Unfortunately, though, the device seems to be tied up in its creator’s alarming incel and eugenicist beliefs: in an interview with 404 Media, Bryan argued that sex toys like his will “save the world” because “the relationship between women and men is broken.” “The top 20 percent in the gene pool don’t care,” he seethed. “Their not caring is genetic warfare. All social action taken against Orifice, all protest, be it in the form of tweet or article or legislation will be gene warfare.” Cel Shading Besides being largely incomprehensible, Bryan’s comments are the kind of rhetoric used by incels, a group of mostly men online who often blame women for their lack of sexual relationships. He also added that “AI women are real women,” which is frankly so hard to unpack that we have no idea where to start. By arguing that there’s a “top” of a gene pool, Bryan also seems to be tapping into eugenicist talking points about selective breeding. Add that all to his invention, which…We Apologize for Showing You This Sex Toy That Talks Dirty When It's Touched

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