What Do We Know About OpenAI's New CEO, Mira Murati?

We’re still reeling from the just-breaking news that OpenAI’s enigmatic CEO and figurehead Sam Altman has been sacked by the company’s board of directors. And make no mistake that we’re still intensely curious what went down behind the scenes that led the company to part with Altman during the exact moment when its ascendant tech is driving the nascent AI industry. But as the dust settles, there’s another looming question: what’s the deal with Mira Murati, the company’s interim CEO who’s stepping in to lead immediately? One thing’s for sure: she’s no lightweight. Here’s what Fast Company had to say earlier this year: ChatGPT and Dall-E might get the lion’s share of the spotlight, but Mira Murati may be the real star of OpenAI. The story goes on to note that Murati, originally from Albania, is a Tesla veteran who led development of the Model X after starting at the company in 2013 — a potentially dramatic detail, because Tesla boss Elon Musk was a cofounder of OpenAI alongside Altman before flaming out with its leadership and publicly turning on the venture. Murati’s time at Tesla, the story goes on, was where she first became interested in AI, since that’s the era when the company was first dabbling in its now-controversial Autopilot feature and making its eventually-troubled inroads toward factory automation as well. Her resume’s not entirely star-studded, though. After Tesla, in 2016 she ended up at Leap Motion, the once-buzzy hand tracking startup that, although it had a great…What Do We Know About OpenAI's New CEO, Mira Murati?

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