What is Apple’s new Stolen Device Protection feature, and how does it work?

iPhones double as gateways to our digital lives, so having them secured is more crucial than ever. Knowing this, Apple has introduced a new feature aptly named Stolen Device Protection. This feature is a decisive response to a gaping security vulnerability that enabled iPhone thieves to hijack customer accounts, access personal and financial information, and lock users out of their own digital lives. Imagine a scenario where thieves, having watched you input your iPhone passcode, steal your device and wreak havoc on your digital existence. It’s a modern nightmare that can become a reality for many: hackers can access your saved passwords, steal money from your accounts, and lock you out of precious digital memories. Apple’s countermeasure: Stolen Device Protection Image: KnowTechie Stolen Device Protection is designed to thwart such attacks, safeguarding your digital persona. It adds an extra layer of security which prevents unauthorized setting changes when the device is not in familiar locations like home or workplace. Here’s how it enhances the security of key actions: Apple ID Password Changes: Previously, a thief could use your passcode to change your Apple ID password, effectively locking you out. With the new feature, changing the password away from a familiar location requires Face ID or Touch ID, followed by an hour-long delay and a second biometric confirmation. Recovery Key and Trusted Phone Number Updates: Similar to password changes, updating these critical recovery elements will also necessitate two biometric confirmations separated by an hour-long delay. Accessing Keychain Passwords: The iCloud Keychain…What is Apple’s new Stolen Device Protection feature, and how does it work?

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