What to expect at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2024: S24 and more

At the moment of writing this article, we don’t have any official confirmation regarding what Samsung has planned to unveil at its upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event, set for January 17.  However, from numerous rumors, leaks, and teasers, we were able to make a few educated guesses. While we are certain about a few of these, like the Galaxy S24 series, we are not so certain about the rest.  However, this year, Samsung is flexing its big AI muscles. So, we expect the event to be AI-heavy, with Samsung showcasing how its generative AI works and how it works alongside the latest Galaxy devices with the most current hardware.  If you don’t want to go too far away, you can catch the live stream right here, but scroll down to read about what to expect from the event. The Galaxy S24 series, duh! If we are guessing what Samsung plans to showcase in the coming Galaxy Unpacked, the Galaxy S24 series should be the very first pick.  Even most of Samsung’s promotional materials highlight the Galaxy S24 series handset and the features they are bringing this year.  So, the Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra – all will be unveiled at the January 17 event. Source: Sonny Dickson on X From the rumors so far, we can expect a number of hardware upgrades on the Galaxy S24 handsets over their predecessors, the Galaxy S23 series.  The S24 Ultra is rumored to sport titanium-made sides like the iPhone 15 Pro, while…What to expect at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2024: S24 and more

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