Why I’m finally pulling the trigger on a Paramount Plus subscription

After months of resisting the temptation, I’m finally caving and subscribing to Paramount Plus. The primary reason? Beavis and Butthead. As a long-time fan who even bought their books during MTV’s heyday, I couldn’t pass up the chance to rewatch their hilarious dumbass antics. Plus, the free month’s trial offered by Paramount Plus makes it even more appealing. But it’s not just Beavis and Butthead that has me hooked. Paramount Plus offers a treasure trove of older shows that I’ve been dying to catch up on, like Daria, Strangers with Candy, and Ugly Americans. And, to top it off, I never got around to watching Picard, so I know I’ll be busy for the next month. Try Paramount Plus For Free 4.0 Try it for Free Home / Login Adding to the platform’s appeal is its extensive content library, which includes live sports – a feature that’s become increasingly important to me. But mainly, nostalgia plays a major role in my decision to subscribe. However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. One drawback of Paramount Plus is its lack of original shows. While this is a concern, I’m hopeful the platform will invest more in original content. Other streaming services have set a high bar with their original programming, and it would be great to see Paramount Plus step up to the plate and compete. Image: Paramount Plus Wrapping up, although Paramount Plus may not have the most robust lineup of original shows, I’m willing to give it a chance….Why I’m finally pulling the trigger on a Paramount Plus subscription

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