Wyze apologizes after yet another camera security issue

Smart home electronics maker Wyze Labs apologized over the weekend after a security issue briefly allowed some customers to see images from other cameras. The incident happened after Wyze was impacted by a Friday server outage at Amazon Web Services (AWS). The blackout caused Wyze’s line of Internet-connected security cameras to go offline. While the company was working to bring them back online, a glitch permitted some customers to view still images captured by cameras that were not on their accounts. In an email, a Wyze spokesperson said a bug with its caching system was ultimately responsible for the issue: “The incident was caused by a third-party caching client library that was recently integrated into our system. This client library received unprecedented load conditions caused by devices coming back online all at once. As a result of increased demand, it mixed up device ID and user ID mapping and connected some data to incorrect accounts.”  Wyze spokesperson .stk-64eef6d{height:26px !important} The incident affected around 13,000 customers who received thumbnail images from cameras that were not theirs. Of those, about 1,500 users tapped on the thumbnails, with a smaller number able to view video from other cameras. The Wyze spokesperson continued:  “We know this is very disappointing news. It does not reflect our commitment to protect customers or mirror the other investments and actions we have taken in recent years to make security a top priority at Wyze.” Wyze spokesperson .stk-1970b24{height:26px !important} A History of Security Issues Image: KnowTechie Wyze cameras have…Wyze apologizes after yet another camera security issue

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