Xbox Series X hits lowest price ever at $450

I got a Black Friday scoop that’ll have you doing the happy dance in your gaming chairs. Brace yourselves because this deal is hotter than a console on a 12-hour gaming marathon. We’re talking about the Xbox Series X, the behemoth of gaming goodness, and it’s got a price tag that’s been slashed more savagely than a final boss in Dark Souls. Originally priced at a wallet-wincing $500, this lean, mean, gaming machine is now up for grabs at a steal-worthy $450. But wait, there’s more – because what’s a deal without a cherry on top? Microsoft Xbox Series X – 8K – HDR – 1 TB SSD 4.5 The Xbox Series X offers robust performance, 4K gaming capabilities, and a substantial 1TB SSD, now available at a reduced price with an added gift card incentive. What We Like: Significant savings on the high-powered Xbox Series X.The added $75 gift card increases overall purchase value.Rare opportunity to buy this in-demand console at a discount.Ideal for gamers seeking enhanced graphics and storage capacity. Check Availability KnowTechie is supported by its audience, so if you buy something through our links, we may get a small share of the sale. Not only do you save 50 bucks on the Series X, but Dell is also tossing in a $75 e-gift card like it’s some kind of philanthropic gamer Santa. What can you do with that extra dough? Maybe snag an extra game, invest in a second controller for your player two, or just…Xbox Series X hits lowest price ever at $450

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