Xpeng has a crazy flying car that 9-year-old me needs, like yesterday

As a child of the 80s, I grew up wishing that all the flying, transforming cars from shows like M.A.S.K. would fly off the screen and into real life. That never happened, until today. CES is often the time for crazy tech, with robots of every description and ultra-bright TVs. It’s also the home of concept vehicles, and the wackier the better. Called the Land Aircraft Carrier, this eSUV packs a small electric quadcopter into the back. I say small, but it’s large enough for passengers. Finally, those Saturday morning cartoon dreams are a real thing. Even better, it’s no tech demo; the company is turning it into a real product that you can buy. Chinese EV manufacturer Xpeng’s eVTOL division, AeroHT, is going to start production on the Land Aircraft Carrier early next year. The Xpeng AeroHT Land Aircraft Carrier is an insanely cool flying car Just look how cool this thing is in the video above. It’s everything the Cybertruck wishes it was, with sleek futuristic lines and six chunky offroad tires. And then it parks, and a two-person quadcopter slides out of the back of the eSUV and unfolds, before flying away. I NEED IT, safety considerations be darned. While this is still in development, some designs or specifications may change, Xpeng says that some specs are set in stone. That includes four or five passengers in the eSUV, with an extended range electric powertrain that can recharge the eVTOL several times. The eVTOL quadcopter can carry…Xpeng has a crazy flying car that 9-year-old me needs, like yesterday

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