Yale announces Z-Wave integration with Assure Lock 2

Yale Home is elevating the smart home security game with the launch of the Yale Assure Lock 2 with Z-Wave. Their Assure Lock 2 series now supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Z-Wave, offering tech enthusiasts a variety of ways to incorporate their smart lock into their connected home setup. The latest Yale Assure Lock 2 with Z-Wave is designed to seamlessly work with well-known Z-Wave smart home platforms and alarm systems, such as Ring Alarm and Samsung SmartThings. By connecting the Assure Lock 2 to these systems, users can take advantage of remote lock control, voice assistant integration and even create custom one-touch scenes and automation for a more streamlined daily routine – all while enjoying the top-notch security that Yale’s Assure Lock 2 lineup is famous for. Image: Yale Can’t wait to try out this adaptable smart lock? The Yale Assure Lock 2 with Z-Wave is already up for grabs on ShopYaleHome.com, and it’s headed to Amazon soon. You can choose from four distinct models – touchscreen, keypad, keyed, or key-free options – and three sleek finishes (satin nickel, black suede, and oil-rubbed bronze), with prices ranging from $189.99 to $209.99. If you’re an existing Assure Lock 2 customer, you can also give your lock a Z-Wave upgrade with a standalone Z-Wave Smart Module, available for $99.99 on ShopYaleHome.com. To learn more about Yale Home’s Assure Lock 2 series and explore your smart lock choices, visit ShopYaleHome.com. Have any thoughts on this? Drop us a line below in the comments,…Yale announces Z-Wave integration with Assure Lock 2

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