You can now search WhatsApp conversations by date on Android

We’ve all been there – trying to find a certain message we sent or received on WhatsApp and trying out about a million keywords that we may have used. Well, that’s done now, because WhatsApp has introduced a new functionality for Android users allowing them to look for chats via dates.  The announcement came through Mark Zuckerberg‘s WhatsApp channel. Meta’s CEO posted a couple of messages on his channels alongside a video demonstrating the “search by date” feature.  “When you realize you’ve got the perfect response in an old chat…”, Zuckerberg wrote. How to use the new WhatsApp search The new feature allows users to navigate through tons of messages by jumping to a specific date. Now, instead of an empty search bar, you’ll notice a calendar with a search icon on the right.  Open the conversation you want to go through. Tap on the calendar icon and wait for the calendar to pop up.  Once it is displayed, choose a specific date and tap on “OK“. The app will take you directly to your conversations from that specific day.  The option to look for keywords is still there, of course, and so is the ability to check out media, links, and documents you shared with each other.  Of course, the ability to search by date could end up being better if you know when you sent a photo, for instance, rather than scrolling endlessly through the gazillion pictures you sent and received from all your contacts and groups. The…You can now search WhatsApp conversations by date on Android

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