5 best beauty filter apps for perfect selfies and live streams

The best beauty filter apps let you level up your selfie and live-stream games with ease. They can help you transform your photos or videos from drab to glam in seconds, giving you that picture-perfect look that you’ve always dreamed of. Whether for peer-to-peer video communications, business presentations, podcasting, live streaming, or social media such as TikTok, Instagram, or Snapchat, the best beauty filter apps can help you stand out with instant makeovers.    Face filter apps for iOS and Android phones allow you to temporarily change your facial features, such as your eyes, nose, ears, and lips, without surgery. Not only are beauty filter apps a safer option, but most face filters are also free to use. In this article, we cover five of the best beauty filter apps that you can use to create more beautiful selfies and videos for better engagement, likes, and shares. The best beauty filter apps in 2023 FaceApp Image: KnowTechie Availability: Android and iOS Price: Free to download, with in-app purchases, contains Ads With more than 100 million Play Store downloads and counting, FaceApp stands out as one of the most popular beauty filter apps available other than social networks like TikTok and Instagram. FaceApp packs some interesting AI filters, effects, and backgrounds that offer photorealistic editing capabilities. With FaceApp, you can easily change your hairstyle or beard, retouch your face, try on cool glasses, age or renew your youth, add a smile, put on some makeup, adjust colors, change your background, and so…5 best beauty filter apps for perfect selfies and live streams

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