5 Pieces of Etiquette for Startups Approaching Advisors

We’re coming upon the end of the year and a lot of people are planning to take the next steps toward starting a company. I can’t back that with statistics, but as a guy running a marketing agency, I’ve been having a lot of meetings with startup founders who would like help and advice. I rarely have a problem taking a little time to talk with someone about an idea, but there are a few pieces of etiquette you should adhere to when approaching any potential partners or advisors. Don’t have an NDA waiting Startups asking everyone they come in contact with to sign an NDA has been covered to excess, by everyone from VC’s to developers, but I’m going to say it again:  DO. NOT. ASK. ANYONE. TO. SIGN. AN. NDA. BEFORE. YOU. MEET. Non disclosure agreements have a time and a place. When you have money, trade secrets, or information that, if released, could reasonably cause your business harm, that makes sense. When your idea is barely past the scribbles on a napkin stage, it’s not time to ask everyone to sign an NDA. If a company has revenue and legitimate trade secrets, I’ll sign. If you’re asking me to meet with you to talk about an idea that isn’t new, has no technology, no legal structure, no revenue and no ip other than a simple idea, I will not take the meeting unless your name is Prince. To rephrase: Your concept for a search engine for real…5 Pieces of Etiquette for Startups Approaching Advisors

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