5 tools to effectively promote your blog posts

Content marketing for your business should reap certain rewards. By that, I mean you have to write blog posts that convert readers into followers and eventually into potentially paying customers. But before your content convinces enough people, it should reach enough eyeballs first. The rule of sales is persistence, so after publishing your article, ensure you effectively promote your blog posts. Here are five tools of the content marketing trade to help you do so. Use SEO for every article you publish Too many web publishers create content without an organic search strategy for each. Before publishing any article, make sure you know which keyword you are targeting. Once you publish your content, use this content checker to identify areas for improvement. Have you missed any important SEO elements? This tool will create an easy-to-follow optimization checklist: Image: KnowTechie Using semantic research is another good idea. Text Optimizer will run your target search query and identify which keywords you failed to mention in your content: Image: KnowTechie Influencer outreach Inviting influencers to contribute is one way to ensure more people care about and share your blog posts. Cite them as sources for your article. After all, influencers already have their own set of followers who will definitely care once they see the name of someone they consider a thought leader featured in your post. You can either pick a topic and feature various influencers to offer their points of view. For example: Is exact match keyword optimization dead? Does guest…5 tools to effectively promote your blog posts

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