A Steam Deck refresh is likely on the way, says new report 

Valve’s Steam Deck developers have made it crystal clear in a recent interview that the Steam Deck 2 is not coming before 2025. While it was a painful revelation, it doesn’t mean we can’t expect a mid-cycle update with a revised version.  In fact, it looks like our expectations may soon become a reality. According to the report by The Verge, a refreshed version of the Steam Deck has already made its stop at the FCC a few weeks ago.  According to the outlet, a Steam Deck with a new model number made a stop at the FCC back on August 13th. Interestingly, this model has the same model number as the mysterious Valve device that went through South Korea’s National Radio Research Agency — 1030. We bet you are wondering how this could have gone unnoticed for so long.  Valve played a little trick and hid the gaming system’s presence by filing it through a different company called Quectel, which also happens to be Valve’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chip vendor. Image: KnowTechie What to expect from the Steam Deck refresh  The Steam Deck doesn’t need too many changes just yet, especially since it’s still winning over at least the more affordable versions of its competitors like the RoG Ally. Brad Lynch and @TVKilledMi first discovered the new Steam Deck model, and according to their discovery, Quectel filed for a Class II Permission Change.  Valve Corporation Model: 1030 seems to be a revised Steam Deck model with AT LEAST a new…A Steam Deck refresh is likely on the way, says new report 

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