Actor Blames AI for Liking Red-Pilled Social Media Posts

An up-and-coming actor has provided a bizarre explanation for why he liked and followed a bunch of bigoted posts and profiles: that AI had something to do with it. Best known for his role as Ambrose Spellman on Netflix’s “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” actor Chance Perdomo has in recent days caught flak on social media for liking a bunch of misogynistic “red-pilled” posts on Instagram and Twitter and for following “trad masculine” accounts with names like “rightwingsavages”¬†and “unwokeism.” The news was surprising, particularly because Perdomo’s character on “Sabrina” was notably pansexual. At first, the actor first started un-liking and un-following the offending posts and pages. And now his team has put out a statement with the eyebrow-raising suggestion that an unnamed AI had been controlling his account and faving the bad posts. “My team and I are investigating following recent mismanagement of my Twitter and profiles,” Perdomo wrote in the apology post. “The operator in charge of social engagement and audience growth has since been fired. We will no longer be utilising AI vendors for audience, engagement and demographic expansion. Legal action may follow.” “In no way shape or form do the following or likes of either account reflect my personal beliefs or viewpoints,” the statement continued. “I will be closely guarding and operating my professional socials for the foreseeable future.” At first glance, the statement seems like pretty standard fare for celebrities in the social media era, kinda-sorta apologizing for the bad behavior while offloading the blame on…Actor Blames AI for Liking Red-Pilled Social Media Posts

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