AI Lets Johnny Cash Cover Taylor Swift From Beyond the Grave

Write Your Name Someone used AI voice cloning to create a cover of the late Johnny Cash singing Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” — and we must admit that it absolutely slaps. It’s been less than a week since Swift’s self-released and re-recorded version of her 2014 album “1989” dropped, and already the “There I Ruined It” TikTok account has done the opposite of its tagline by creating a sparse, bluegrass-tinged version of the single that sounds freakishly authentic given that Cash died more than 20 years ago. To hear it in Cash’s “voice,” the track’s chorus recounting of the singer’s “long list of ex-lovers/they’ll tell you I’m insane” is transformed from the declarations of a precocious pop starlet to the tired admission of a wizened country outlaw, complete with violin and mandolin. “Hello,” the AI voice announces at the start of the 53-second clip, “I’m not Johnny Cash.” AI-generated Johnny Cash singing Taylor Swift is blowing my mind — BuccoCapital Guy (@buccocapital) October 31, 2023 Party Time While country stans will recall that this is not the first time the Man in Black’s voice has transmogrified a song from its original version into something entirely unique — that distinction, of course, goes to his 2002 cover of Nine Inch Nail’s “Hurt,” released less than a year before his death — this is also not the first time “There I Ruined It” dropped a chillingly-good Cash rendition, either. Earlier this year, the popular TikTok account, which is run by Dallas…AI Lets Johnny Cash Cover Taylor Swift From Beyond the Grave

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