App Claims to Use AI to Show What Your Children Would Look Like

AI-Generated Offspring A generative AI app dubbed Remini has gone viral on TikTok, claiming to offer users an AI-powered glimpse at their future children, Chicago-based broadcaster ABC7 reports. But while the app’s outputs are understandably fascinating to users, it — as any face-scanning app does — certainly raises the question: should you hand over your data to get a glimpse of what your future offspring could look like? The process seems simple enough. Users upload a photo of themselves and a partner, and the program quickly whips up a few photos of generative AI-spun tots. And according to the folks who use it, the results are pretty impressive. “I’m at the age where I’m married, and I’m ready to start having children,” a TikTok influencer named Melissa McDuffie, who boasts around 200,00o followers on the video-sharing app, told ABC7. “I thought it would be interesting to go ahead and see what they might look like.” “The AI can take your pictures and formulate this image, and it’s so realistic,” she added. Dystopia Spiral Security experts, however, have their reservations. After all, any program that requires biometric data deserves scrutiny, and in this case, at least theoretically, the data you’re coughing up could be particularly precious. “The scary thing about this… is how accurate it has been,” David Barton, CTO of the cybersecurity firm High Wire Networks, told ABC 7. “I’ve seen video clips of folks who have taken the father and the mother, put them in the app and it kicks off…App Claims to Use AI to Show What Your Children Would Look Like

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