Apple addresses iPhone 15 overheating, promises software fix

After Apple unveiled the iPhone 15 series a little over two weeks ago, it became the hottest smartphone in the market in more ways than one.  Customers who ordered the iPhone 15 during the launch week have started receiving their orders. And while they were trying to settle in with their new iPhone 15s, they started facing excessive heating issues, in addition to some units being defective.  The reports state excessive heating issues with the iPhone 15 series, especially during charging and prolonged use.  Users are reporting major heating issues with their iPhone 15s Several users on X, formerly Twitter, have experienced the overheating while using their iPhone 15 Pro models. The scenarios include charging, as well as regular unplugged use, including browsing through apps like Instagram. The more intensive workloads like gaming seem to cause the issue as well, but surprisingly, the issue is not limited to those Korean YouTuber BullsLab has even pointed a thermal camera at the iPhone 15 Plus and 15 Pro Max and captured the excessive heat generation.  Source: YouTube Kuo stated Apple sacrificed the iPhone 15’s cooling to make it lighter Surprisingly, Apple hadn’t commented on the issue for a while. Users started speculating that since the issue was more apparent on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, most users held the new A17 Bionic chip responsible for this heating issue.  But renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed that the iPhone 15 heating issue has nothing to do with the new A17 chip….Apple addresses iPhone 15 overheating, promises software fix

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