Apple launches iPhone 15 and 15 Plus with brighter OLED screens

Apple just made the iPhone 15 range official. The base models are the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, with five pastel colors thanks to a new color-infused glass back. It’s also less edgy on the frame, welcome news for your hands. But the biggest news makes this the most improved iPhone ever–the inclusion of USB-C as the connector on all models. Yes, it might have happened because the EU mandated it, but that never stopped Apple from claiming something as its own idea before. That also means the new USB-C AirPods charging case can be charged straight from the iPhone with a USB-C cable. Progress, ain’t it great? Here’s what else is new. The iPhone 15 range comes in new pastel colors Image: Apple The iPhone 15 now comes in five colors: black, pink, yellow, green, and blue. All of them have textured matte glass on the back, with the color infused into the glass instead of being behind it. The iPhone 15 and 15 Plus are powered by the A16 Bionic, the same chip that powered last year’s iPhone 14 Pro range. That means it’s a known quantity, and anyone buying the new iPhone is assured of speedy performance. For the first time, the iPhone uses USB-C for its wired connector. That means charging from any existing USB-C charger, or it can reverse-charge accessories like AirPods simply by plugging in a cable. The new Ultra Wide Band Gen-2 chip enables better connectivity and device-finding capabilities. AirDrop can connect…Apple launches iPhone 15 and 15 Plus with brighter OLED screens

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