Apple Vision Pro at $3,500 won’t include a second pair of straps

The Apple Vision Pro rocked the WWDC 2023 and quickly became one of Apple’s most popular products within hours.  Initially expected to compete with devices like Meta Quest or PSVR, Apple took a different approach with the Vision Pro, focusing more on Augmented Reality than Virtual Reality. That being said, the new virtual headset from Apple boosts impressive hardware and features, along with an especially high price tag.  However, a recent report from Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman highlights a specific issue with the Apple Vision Pro.  According to Gurman’s Newsletter, the headset is still in the testing phase, and the testers have found it to be heavy after using it for a few hours. This is a cause for concern, but Apple is reportedly working on a solution. Only one strap for Apple Vision Pro at $3,500 Image: KnowTechie interestingly, Apple’s strategy is to add a second pair of straps to the headset. However, according to Gurman, the company is considering selling the second strap separately as an additional accessory rather than including it in the box. An absurd decision of the company, as you are already paying $3,500 for the headset in the first place and not receiving a crucial accessory as part of the package is a major disappointment.  On the flip side, if you pay $3,500 for an AR/VR headset, you may not have any issue paying extra for a second head strap.  Unfortunately, this is not Apple’s first controversial decision with accessories. The company famously ditched…Apple Vision Pro at $3,500 won’t include a second pair of straps

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