Bankrate Posts AI-Generated Article, Deletes It When We Point Out It's Full of Errors

The finance site Bankrate has started publishing AI-generated articles again, and it insists that this time they’ve been meticulously fact-checked by a human journalist before being published. “This article was generated using automation technology and thoroughly edited and fact-checked by an editor on our editorial staff,” reads a message at the bottom of the new AI articles, while a separate assurance claims that a “dedicated team of Bankrate editors” work to “thoroughly edit and fact-check the content, ensuring that the information is accurate, authoritative and helpful to our audience.” It would make sense for the site’s leadership to be deeply concerned with getting every detail right. After Bankrate and its sister site CNET first started publishing AI-generated articles late last year, Futurism found that the articles were riddled with factual errors and even seemingly plagiarized material. The Washington Post called the affair a “journalistic disaster,” and the LA Times quipped that the AI’s behavior would “get a human student expelled or a journalist fired.” CNET and Bankrate — both owned by a media company called Red Ventures, reportedly worth billions of dollars — paused the publication of AI content indefinitely following the dustup. Until now, at least. With no fanfare, last week Bankrate quietly started posting new AI-generated articles once again — which it described in a disclaimer as “maintained by an in-house natural language generation platform using industry-standard databases” — suggesting that CNET could soon restart the program as well. The new articles’ topics are mundane and clearly designed…Bankrate Posts AI-Generated Article, Deletes It When We Point Out It's Full of Errors

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