Bard’s new features: Google apps integration powers up AI assistant

Bard, Google’s version of ChatGPT, has been hitting the virtual gym and has come back with some new tricks. Google Bard is now integrating with Google apps and services, which sounds great on paper, but let’s break down what it really means: Fact-Checking Feature: Bard’s “Google it” function has been beefed up to cross-check its answers for accuracy and reliability. Good news if you’re tired of sifting through “alternative facts,” but remember, even Google doesn’t have all the answers. Expanded Reach: Bard is now accessible in more places. It’s handy if you need information on the go, but potentially annoying if you start getting unsolicited advice. Enter Bard Extensions The big news is the introduction of Bard Extensions. These allow Bard to pull relevant info from the Google tools you use daily, such as Gmail, Docs, Drive, Google Maps, YouTube, and even Google Flights and Hotels. Sounds convenient, but remember, with great power comes great responsibility (to protect your data). Planning a Trip? Bard Wants In! Imagine planning a trip to the Grand Canyon. Normally, you’d have multiple tabs open, trying to juggle all the details. With Bard, you can ask it to: Fetch suitable dates from your Gmail Look up real-time flight and hotel info Provide Google Maps directions to the airport Suggest YouTube videos of activities at the Grand Canyon All within a single conversation. It’s like having a digital concierge but without the fancy uniform. Image: Google But let’s not forget the potential downside. With Bard pulling…Bard’s new features: Google apps integration powers up AI assistant

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