Beeper Mini app triggers potential DOJ showdown with Apple

An audacious Android app named Beeper Mini figured out a clever way to let Android users chat with iPhones via iMessage. Many before them attempted to fly under the radar, but once again, only to hit the familiar wall of Apple’s lightning-fast clampdowns. Well, one company is about to change all of that. And now, Apple finds itself on the defensive. This is the stuff of tech lore, a true David versus Goliath tale, with our David being a nimble, reverse-engineered app that’s giving Apple’s gatekeepers sleepless nights. The brains behind this digital rebellion? Beeper’s CEO, Eric Migicovsky, and developer James Gill. These mavericks have been pulling out all the stops to keep their brainchild afloat despite Apple’s relentless onslaught to torpedo it. Beeper Mini, a new app, lets Android users send blue messages to iPhones — instead of green ones.But Apple isn't happy about how the app was made, admitting it tried to shut it down. @jolingkent reports that a group of lawmakers has asked the Justice Department to look into it.— CBS Mornings (@CBSMornings) December 18, 2023 Not one to sit on the sidelines, a bipartisan group of U.S. lawmakers has now entered the fray. They’re calling on the DOJ to investigate whether Apple has attempted to block Beeper, claiming the company is treading into the murky waters of anticompetitive conduct. CBS reporter Jo Ling Kent shared the complete letter on Threads (and Twitter) if you want to read the full letter sent to the DOJ: Post…Beeper Mini app triggers potential DOJ showdown with Apple

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