Blink camera not recording? Here’s what to do

Your Blink Camera is turning on properly, you can watch the live view, yet you’re not getting any recorded video clips. This uncommon situation can be from a few reasons, some of which are easier to fix than others. The most common reason is a misconfigured setting in the app, so we’ll show you how to fix that, and troubleshoot other reasons if it still isn’t recording. Possible fixes if your Blink camera is not recording Most of the time, your Blink cameras will record footage without issues, and without your involvement. If you notice that they’ve stopped recording, here’s what to know. Check the settings in the Blink app The most common reason for Blink cameras not recording anything is inadvertently disabling motion detection in the app. Here’s how to get it working again. Check if recording is enabled Open the Blink Home Monitor app and look at the bottom of the home screen. It will show Disarmed and Armed, with a blue highlight over one of the words to show the state of the system. Enable camera recording If it shows Disarmed, tap on the word Armed to enable recording. Enable motion detection Look at the top right corner of the home screen to see if the Running Man icon is blue or gray. If gray, tap on it to enable motion detection. Check motion detection settings Open the Settings in the Blink app, and tap on Motion Settings. Tweak motion detection settings While on this menu, enable…Blink camera not recording? Here’s what to do

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