Blink Sync Module offline–Here’s what to do!

The Blink Sync Module serves as a network bridge between Blink cameras, servers, and its app. Basically, it gets your cameras online so you can access them remotely. What if your Blink Sync Module goes offline? Removing this critical component takes out your entire camera system, at least until you can get it back online. Many reasons could be the culprit, with the most common being recent changes made to your Wi-Fi network or overall connectivity issues. Here’s what to do to get it back online, and also what to do if it’s still not working after following along. Check for Wi-Fi signal strength Image: KnowTechie The first thing to check is your Wi-Fi signal strength. Poor signals (three bars or less) can often lead to this issue. Try moving your Sync Module closer to the router and check if it works. Just in case, you should also look internet outages in your area. Just visit any website on your phone connected to your home network and see if it opens.  Try restarting the Blink Sync Module If your Blink Sync Module is displaying an offline status, try restarting the module. This is simpler than you may think, as all you need to do is to unplug it, wait, then plug it back in again. Begin by disconnecting the power cord of your Blink Sync module. Now wait for almost 5 to 10 seconds before attaching the power cord. Image: KnowTechie Give the Blink Sync module a moment to reboot…Blink Sync Module offline–Here’s what to do!

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