BLUETTI exclusive autumn Prime Day offer: Significant savings on power stations

As the leaves turn brilliant hues and the air gets crisper, it’s time to gear up for the autumn season. BLUETTI, a leading name in portable power stations, is here to ensure you’re fully prepared for whatever autumn throws your way. From October 5th to 20th, BLUETTI is rolling out its Autumn Prime Day promotion, offering astounding savings of up to $1,699 on its lineup of power stations. Whether you’re safeguarding your home against unexpected power outages or planning to enjoy the great outdoors during this beautiful season, BLUETTI has got your back. Modular home battery systems Image: BLUETTI AC300+B300 now $2,299, was $3,299, save $1000 (Oct 7-Oct 11) AC500+B300S now $3,599, was $4,799, save $1200(Oct 10-Oct 11) Nothing is scarier than no power. The AC300+B300 and AC500+B300S modular systems are built to ensure you never face power outage horrors again. With responsive UPS functions, these systems supply power to essential loads within 20 milliseconds. Everything from TVs to refrigerators to fish tanks is running uninterrupted; even your sensitive computers are safe from data loss.  Beyond guarding your house, they also harness free solar energy and low-cost grid power to keep your bills low.   With their modularity, you can add battery packs as needed to have a scalable capacity: 3,072Wh~12,288Wh for AC300 and 3,072Wh~18,432Wh for AC500. Choose between the AC300 and AC500 based on your energy needs and budget. If you’re a high-power consumer, the 5,000W AC500 is more suitable than the 3,000W AC300. Additionally, the AC500 system performs smoothly…BLUETTI exclusive autumn Prime Day offer: Significant savings on power stations

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