Can Apple Vision Pro play games?

.stk-0139f79{background-color:#f5f5f5 !important;border-radius:3px !important;overflow:hidden !important;box-shadow:2px 6px 5px -3px rgba(86,14,93,0.9) !important;border-style:solid !important;border-color:var(–stk-global-color-56583,#911d9c) !important;border-top-width:2px !important;border-right-width:2px !important;border-bottom-width:2px !important;border-left-width:2px !important}.stk-0139f79:before{background-color:#f5f5f5 !important}.stk-0139f79 .stk-block-text__text{font-size:17px !important;font-weight:normal !important;font-family:-apple-system,BlinkMacSystemFont,”Segoe UI”,Roboto,Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif,”Apple Color Emoji”,”Segoe UI Emoji”,”Segoe UI Symbol” !important}@media screen and (max-width:1023px){.stk-0139f79 .stk-block-text__text{font-size:17px !important}}Quick Answer: Yes, the Apple Vision Pro can play games, but it’s not a priority for Apple.  Apple showcased the new Vison Pro headset as a part of its annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference. It was one of the most anticipated products of the conference that turned out to be a phenomenal reveal.  Starting at $3,499, the Apple Vision Pro packs a powerful punch with its custom micro-OLED display, M2 chip, and innovative R1 chip. This places it leagues ahead of competitors such as the Meta Quest and PSVR So, it is clear that Apple’s Vision Pro has the necessary power, but is it designed to play games?  Does Apple Vision Pro play games?  Short Answer: Technically, yes, but most users aren’t buying it for games.  According to Apple’s website, the company has 100 playable Apple Arcade games ready to go, even with support for most gaming controllers. .stk-5e94117{box-shadow:0 0 0 2px rgba(120,120,120,0.1) !important}.stk-5e94117-container{background-color:#f3f3f3 !important}.stk-5e94117-container:before{background-color:#f3f3f3 !important} .stk-fff85bd{margin-left:-20px !important}.stk-fff85bd .stk–svg-wrapper .stk–inner-svg svg:last-child{opacity:0.7 !important}.stk-fff85bd .stk–svg-wrapper .stk–inner-svg svg:last-child,.stk-fff85bd .stk–svg-wrapper .stk–inner-svg svg:last-child :is(g,path,rect,polygon,ellipse){fill:var(–stk-global-color-56583,#911d9c) !important} .stk-75422ff{margin-left:-17px !important}.stk-75422ff .stk-block-text__text{font-size:16px !important;font-weight:300 !important;font-style:normal !important;font-family:”Golos Text”,Sans-serif !important}@media screen and (max-width:1023px){.stk-75422ff .stk-block-text__text{font-size:16px !important}}“Users can also play over 100 Apple Arcade games on a screen as large as they want, with incredible immersive audio and support for popular game controllers.” At WWDC, Apple made it clear that unlike the Meta Quest—which initially…Can Apple Vision Pro play games?

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