CEO of OpenAI Says Elon Musk's Mean Comments Have Hurt Him

Little love has been lost lately between Twitter CEO Elon Musk and OpenAI, a company he co-founded but later abandoned due to what he says were ideological differences. According to a recent report from Semafor, Musk went as far as to repeatedly attempt to take over the AI firm, but following an internal power struggle, the billionaire ended up walking away. Since the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Musk has repeatedly voiced his displeasure with OpenAI’s decision to transition from a not-for-profit company to a for-profit one back in 2018, in a series of public outbursts that have clearly come to the dismay of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. In a recent interview¬†with podcaster and renowned Elon Musk fanboy Lex Fridman, Altman admitted that he “definitely grew up with Elon as a hero of mine,” a personal view that has clearly been challenged given Musk’s recent comments. In the conversation, Altman alluded to Musk being “very visibly hurt” by news shows “bashing SpaceX and maybe Elon, too,” and how Musk struggled with having early space pioneers criticize his burgeoning private space company. “Despite him being a jerk on Twitter whatever I’m happy he exists in the world,” Altman told Fridman, referring to Musk, “but I wish he would do more to look at the hard work we’re doing to get this stuff right, a little bit more love.” Along similar lines, Altman says he’s been hurt¬†by Musk’s comments. The billionaire CEO has repeatedly voiced his disdain for what OpenAI has become, calling…CEO of OpenAI Says Elon Musk's Mean Comments Have Hurt Him

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