ChatGPT heads to Android: rollout starts next week

OpenAI’s AI chatbot, ChatGPT, hit the ground running after its launch in November 2022. The speed of its user growth is nothing short of amazing, coming second only to Meta’s recently launched Threads. The company has already launched a free ChatGPT iOS app, and now, the company is reportedly ready to launch ChatGPT for Android.  OpenAI’s ChatGPT for Android is coming soon  Source: KnowTechie OpenAI launched ChatGPT app for iOS in May, and at that time, the company said the Android version would come “Soon.” Well, here it is.  According to OpenAI’s latest tweet, the company is ready to launch ChatGPT for Android, which is coming a few months after the company brought the iOS version of the app to iPhones and iPads.  Announcing ChatGPT for Android! The app will be rolling out to users next week, and you can pre-order in the Google Play Store starting today:— OpenAI (@OpenAI) July 21, 2023 The company announced that its Android version of ChatGPT is rolling out next week, but they haven’t revealed any specific launch date other than a vague “next week” time window. The company linked a Google Play Store pre-register page. You can register for the app and install it once it’s released.  Google’s chatbot Bard lacks a dedicated mobile app and is only available as a web-based app. However, Microsoft has a solution if you are fond of AI chatbots and can’t wait another week to access ChatGPT for Android. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Bing app has been available…ChatGPT heads to Android: rollout starts next week

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