ChatGPT Is Now Losing Users

Peak AI For the first time since its release, OpenAI’s uber-popular ChatGPT has lost users month-over-month, The Washington Post reports, a possible sign that the AI chatbot’s popularity may have already peaked. According to internet data firm Similarweb, mobile and desktop traffic to the AI chatbot’s website fell almost ten percent in June compared to the previous month, a worrying sign for OpenAI, as the company is spending a fortune keeping its AI chatbot running. It’s also a notable trend, considering ChatGPT was hailed as the fastest-growing app ever earlier this year, reaching an estimated 100 million active monthly users in just two months. (Meta’s Threads has since taken the crown for amassing 100 million users in just five days.) Is this a sign of what’s still to come, or just a bump in the road? Has the public’s obsession with AI already hit its highest point? Or are the tech’s glaring and persistent issues finally starting to come to the surface? School’s Out We likely will never know what exactly caused this monthly drop in traffic. WaPo suggests it may have something to do with the end of the school year, with students going on holiday and making much less use of the tool, which many have been using to cheat on essays. But there’s no guarantee we’ll see an upswing, either. “You had this moment where it was like ‘oh my God it’s awesome,'” Sachin Dev Duggal, CEO of AI startup, told WaPo, adding that people eventually…ChatGPT Is Now Losing Users

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