CNET’s Publisher Preparing to Kickstart the AI Content Engine

CNET owner Red Ventures is preparing to kickstart its AI engine in a major way. In an all-hands meeting on Thursday, Red Ventures CEO Ric Elias laid out an expansive plan for the publisher’s AI-driven future, audio obtained by Futurism has revealed. Based on the meeting, it seems that AI-generated content is no longer just a discreet experiment. It sounds like Red Ventures is now all in — moving forward, generative AI will be central to the publisher’s business model. “Today is day one of AI in our company,” Elias told Red Ventures staffers. “Today is the day that we will look back on, hopefully five to ten years from now, and realize that this was not just an opportunity for us to open up a new revenue source or our new business source, but to truly reinvent everything we do as a company.” “AI will change everything,” the CEO added, “and I believe, for the most part, in a good way.” The all-hands meeting notably took place on the same day that Futurism reported that finance site Bankrate — a CNET sister site that, like CNET, had also been caught publishing error-ridden AI content earlier this year — had quietly restarted its AI content machine. And though that new content did include a lengthy AI disclosure, and said disclosure promised that a human editor had fact-checked the AI-spun content, the text, once again, was riddled with factual errors (Bankrate deleted the story after we reached out with questions.) Elias’ intended AI…CNET’s Publisher Preparing to Kickstart the AI Content Engine

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