Community Notes and war crimes

The recent violence in Israel and Gaza has been accompanied by a surge of misleading and false claims on social media platforms such as X/Twitter regarding various aspects of the war. Although X’s crowdsourced Community Notes fact checking system has resulted in some of the most popular false posts being labeled with additional context, it has struggled in multiple ways to address the flood of misinformation regarding the war. The sheer volume of posts has overwhelmed the pool of volunteers who write and rate notes, posts often go viral quite quickly and rack up massive engagement before notes appear, and the system is most effective at labeling individual popular posts and does not scale well to situations where a misleading claim ends up being repeated by large numbers of small accounts (organic or otherwise). Additionally, many of the accounts with viral false posts about the war are X Premium (Twitter Blue) subscribers, who may have a financial incentive to leave debunked posts online due to X’s ad revenue sharing feature.The complete set of proposed notes and their rating history are publicly available for download and analysis. The available data generally lags a couple days behind the current state of the platform; all numbers in this article are based on Community Notes data that is complete through October 12th, 2023 at 1:32 UTC. Content likely to be related to the war was detected by filtering the dataset to notes attached to English-language posts where the text of the note or post…Community Notes and war crimes

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