Congresswoman Proposes Bill Targeting AI-Generated Political Ads

2024 CAImpaign Legislators are seeking to regulate AI-generated political advertisements ahead of the 2024 presidential election. As The Washington Post reports, representative Yvette Clarke (D-NY) has authored a bill that would require political parties to disclose if they used AI-generated content in their ads. “Our current laws don’t begin to scratch the surface with respect to protecting the American people from what the rapid deployment of AI can mean in disrupting society,” Clarke told WaPo, adding that her legislation is part of a collective effort to “get the Congress going on addressing many of the challenges that we’re facing with AI.” Baby Steps The need for rules governing the use of AI in political ads has already become apparent as of late. Clarke’s bill is in response to the Republican National Committee (RNC)’s recently released ad, which featured fictional, AI-generated scenes of China invading Taiwan and hundreds of banks shutting down. Then there were the many AI-generated images of former president — and current presidential candidate — Donald Trump getting arrested or praying. In short, synthetic content is already making a big splash in the 2024 presidential race. Although Clarke’s bill wouldn’t protect against all kinds of citizen-generated AI disinformation, attempting to get ahead of synthetic content now is likely a wise move. “I think there are really important uses of AI,” Clarke told WaPo, “but there have to be some rules to the road, so that the American people are not deceived or put into harm’s way.” Trudging Forward…Congresswoman Proposes Bill Targeting AI-Generated Political Ads

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