Deadspin's AI Is Suddenly Publishing Dozens of New Articles

G/O Media-owned sports news site Deadspin’s AI is back up and running. The AI, dubbed “Deadspin Bot,” was first introduced back in June, and was one of several similar bots launched by the publisher across a handful of its sites: Gizmodo, The A.V. Club, The Takeout, and — of course — Deadspin. Though G/O Media defended the bots as a necessary experiment amid uncertain times for the media industry, the rollout was an absolute mess. G/O employees at the impacted sites were given little to no warning before the AI-generated content was published, and the material itself was nothing short of embarrassing. The AI-spun articles, which mainly consisted of bland listicles, were error-laden and soulless, lacking in sources for confidently-stated figures, and failing to meet basic journalistic standards that the humans at G/O’s award-winning sites would surely have adhered to. Deadspin Bot’s content was no exception. Its first July article, dubbed “The 15 Most Valuable Professional Sports Franchises” was not only mind-numbingly dull and repetitive but chock-full of outdated, estimated data, and void of any citations to boot. In the months since, the AI has mostly been quiet; it published a few articles aimed at helping Fantasy Football heads draft their make-believe sports teams in late August, but was seemingly mum otherwise. Until now. Deadspin Bot is back in season, and it’s already cranked out over 30 new articles since restarting production sometime last month. To call these posts “articles,” though, is arguably misleading. They’re really just SEO-baited lists of various professional football and…Deadspin's AI Is Suddenly Publishing Dozens of New Articles

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