Disney Furious at Law That Would Cut Tax Breaks If It Replaced Actors With AI

No AI 4 U Disney and media conglomerate NBCUniversal are both watching a proposed New York law that would bar them from lucrative state tax breaks if they use artificial intelligence to replace human talent. As Bloomberg Law reports, both companies have their well-paid lobbyists keeping an eye on the bill introduced earlier this summer — even as much of Hollywood’s workforce is on strike over the industry’s keen interest in using generative AI to save on human labor. Assembly member Demond Meeks, who sponsored the bill in the New York State Assembly, told Bloomberg Law the attention from Disney and NBC “doesn’t surprise” him. “Big business tends to look for quick ways to save money and, you know, this may be another means of that,” he added. While we don’t know how far the proposed legislation will go — or if it ever stands a chance of being signed into law — the news highlights how lawmakers could take a stance, protecting writers and actors from being replaced by AI. Big Bucks Lobbyists for the companies told the news outlet that it’s standard practice to watch bills that could affect their clients, but few of those bills could result in the loss of multi-million dollar tax breaks. Indeed, NBCUniversal has gotten a whopping $96.7 million in tax credits since the start of 2022 for filming in the Empire State, while Disney got $10.9 million for “The Eyes of Tammy Faye” and “Monster Island,” according to Bloomberg Law. In total, the…Disney Furious at Law That Would Cut Tax Breaks If It Replaced Actors With AI

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