Disney Has No Comment on Microsoft’s AI Generating Pictures of Mickey Mouse Doing 9/11

People have been using Microsoft Bing AI’s new image-generating feature to cook up image upon image of cutesey creatures — ranging from Nintendo’s Kirby to beloved Disney rodent Mickey Mouse — perpetrating the 9/11 terror attacks on the World Trade Center. So far, Disney — a company that in 1998 pushed so hard for Congress to change existing copyright laws that the resulting legislation was mockingly referred to as “The Mickey Mouse Protection Act” — doesn’t have a squeak to say about it. Our emails have gone unanswered, leading us to believe that the media giant has no comment on the matter. This is unfortunate, as we’re personally dying to get their take on AI-generated terrorist Mickey. To back up for a moment: Microsoft launched the new Bing “Image Creator” feature — which is powered by OpenAI’s DALL-E 3 image generator — on Tuesday. Netizens immediately flocked to the app, eager to test the image generator’s guardrails. As 404 Media’s Samantha Cole quickly discovered, those guardrails are mind-blowingly threadbare. While it’s not possible to specifically prompt the AI to generate imagery of, say, “Mickey Mouse hijacking a plane and flying it into the Twin Towers” or “Mickey Mouse committing 9/11 attack,” you can easily generate images of “Mickey Mouse sitting in the cockpit of a plane, flying toward two tall skyscrapers,” as Cole discovered. Cole wasn’t the only person to drum up Terrorist Mickey images. Others were able to get a handgun, a second plane, and explosions into the AI-spun imagery…Disney Has No Comment on Microsoft’s AI Generating Pictures of Mickey Mouse Doing 9/11

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