Disney V DeSantis

Disney is typical of large companies. They are shitty to workers, and will abuse any systems (regulatory environment, terms of arbitration, natural resources &/c) to the level they are allowed. DeSantis however is a performance artist. He’s not trying to regulate Disney in the manner anyone should want a government to curtail a company. He’s fighting a culture war to appeal to a group of voters too preoccupied with the “gay beer” to care about government overreach on of principle. I’m team Disney here. It May Be Time for Disney to Sue Florida Lately, Bob Iger seems to have gone Full Michael Corleone at the end of The Godfather, right? Disney’s new/old C.E.O. is cordial and all business up front, while quietly taking people out, often in brutal fashion. Activist investor pest Nelson Peltz? Neutralized. Peltz’s fellow Florida Man Ike Perlmutter, who was somehow still on the Disney payroll? Fired in a humiliating “cost-cutting lay-off,” as if the one-time Marvel C.E.O. were a Dumbo ride operator. Victoria Alonso, a Marvel executive who seemed to prioritize her own personal media profile above the studio’s deteriorating visual effects? Terminated for cause, despite her 17-year tenure and the bad diversity optics, over a contract breach technicality. Ice cold. Matthew Belloni, April 21, 2023, puck.news The post Disney V DeSantis appeared first on Mason Pelt.Disney V DeSantis

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