Dynamic Scooter’s Model B: a compact, foldable E-Scooter for urban commuting

Dynamic Scooter, a trailblazing Canadian company at the forefront of electric mobility solutions, announces the launch of its latest innovation – Model B E-Scooter. Set to debut on September 26th, the Model B E-Scooter is poised to revolutionize the way urban dwellers navigate their daily commutes. Founder Sean Xie, a seasoned expert with more than 12 years of experience in product development within the aerospace and electric vehicle sectors, identified a pervasive challenge in urban commuting – the last-mile and conundrum and short-distance travel (1-4 miles). Image: KnowTechie Model B E-Scooter was born out of his recognition that the final leg of a commute, often around a mile in distance, remains a significant hurdle. Also, urban travel of 1- 4 miles is a common need yet to have a solution. Sean states walking can sometimes be a hurdle, while rideshare or bike rental services can prove costly for such short distances in the long term, but the Model B E-Scooter can be an eco-friendly, innovative solution that combines practicality and a chic lifestyle. Model B: Groundbreaking foldable design Image: Dynamic Scooter Model B E-Scooter boasts a groundbreaking foldable design that seamlessly integrates into users’ urban lifestyles. Weighing a mere 22 pounds, this lightweight marvel can be effortlessly carried within a regular-sized backpack. The scooter’s intuitive folding mechanism enables it to fit snugly into the tightest of spaces, making storage and transport a breeze.   Safety is paramount, and Model B E-Scooter takes no shortcuts by conducting extensive road tests to meet…Dynamic Scooter’s Model B: a compact, foldable E-Scooter for urban commuting

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