Elon Musk Understands Little About Content Moderation

In this truly amazing article from TechDirt, Mike Masnick absolutely shredded Elon Musk’s idea of “free speech”.

“It’s worth watching, though mostly for how it shows how very, very little Musk understands about all of this. Indeed, what struck me about his views is how much they sound like what the techies who originally created social media said in the early days. And here’s the important bit: all of them eventually learned that their simplistic belief in how things should work does not work in reality and have spent the past few decades trying to iterate. And Musk ignores all of that while (somewhat hilariously) suggesting that all of those things can be figured out eventually, despite all of the hard work many, many overworked and underpaid people have been doing figuring exactly that out, only to be told by Musk he’s sure they’re doing it wrong.” writes Masnick describing a video of Musk speaking at TED.

The full article is here. It’s just beautiful. Masnick has long been a thinker on this topic.

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